“Who doesn’t like free food?” 2nd Annual Wildcat Market Engages Campus Community Through Healthy Food – Kentucky Kernel

Wildcat Market, a student-run farmers market, returned to campus to provide students with a wide selection of organic and locally grown produce. On Wednesday, September 20, the College of Agriculture’s Student Government Organization and Community Supported Agriculture program worked with the Student Activities Board to host the market for the second year in a row.… Read More »

Yoghurt rice recipe to start autumn

Here we are – the first day of autumn. It’s an exciting time for cooking (apples! pumpkins! pumpkins, both decorative and edible!), and we’ll dive headfirst into these recipes like a child does into a pile of leaves. But let’s start the season with something simple and comforting, with hints of warming spice and toasty,… Read More »

The 5 Worst Foods (and 3 Drinks) That Slow Your Metabolism

Whether you’re a long-time health enthusiast or new to wellness, you’ve probably heard of metabolism, a series of vital cellular processes that we all need to live and thrive. Your metabolism involves chemical reactions in your cells that determine your overall health on many levels. While part of our metabolism is determined by unique genetics,… Read More »

Roasted chickpeas are a healthy snack packed with protein and fiber

Sous Chef Bismark loves roasted chickpea snacks Gabby Landsverk Roasted chickpeas are full of protein, fiber and other nutrients. I’ve tried making them with both sweet and savory toppings and they’re all delicious. Try flavors like honey, maple syrup, salt and pepper, or ranch seasoning. Trust me on this one – stop what you’re doing… Read More »

Guests, chefs and the community benefit from Dinner on Main

September 21, 2023 Cedar Ridge Elementary School in Lowgap welcomed North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper to campus Tuesday. He was on hand to deliver boxes of school supplies, tour classrooms to see learning in action, and recognized Donna Bledsoe as Wells Fargo North Carolina principal in 2023. Set the bar high Bledsoe was recognized for… Read More »

The #1 unhealthiest sandwich at 12 major grill chains

When you go out to eat, you might opt ​​for fried chicken or crave pizza. On the other hand, maybe you’re craving something that’s grilled to perfection and slathered in BBQ sauce. If the thought of the latter makes your mouth water, you might be the type of person who appreciates a delicious BBQ sandwich.… Read More »

Which popular chef has the best pulled pork recipe?

I decided to compare pulled pork recipes from three celebrity chefs. Pascale Mondesir I tried pulled pork recipes from Rachael Ray, Robert Irvine and Ree Drummond to find out which one was best. Drummond’s recipe was delicious even without barbecue sauce, but Ray’s dish was unforgettable. Irvine’s recipe was the best pulled pork I’ve ever… Read More »