Carnivore Diet: Benefits, Side Effects and Foods

The carnivore diet is a carbohydrate-free diet that allows the consumption of animal products. Here’s how you can follow it and what you should pay attention to. Well, if the keto diet is your thing, then you will love the carnivore diet. Keto diet in full swing: The carnivore diet restricts everything the keto diet… Read More »

Hometown Focus Recipes – Hometown Focus

With Thanksgiving behind us, the start of the Christmas season has begun. It seems that people now feel more comfortable venturing out; entertainment groups in their own homes; or attend gatherings with friends and family. These gatherings do not necessarily have to consist of a large sit-down meal. Cocktail parties, where people bring their own… Read More »

Valentino Cucina Italiana will be reborn as Val+tino this December in Fort Lauderdale

Guess who’s back? In a monumental effort from Fort Lauderdale’s culinary strength, chef Giovanni Rocchio will reopen his acclaimed modern Italian restaurant, Valentino Cucina Italiana, at its old location south of the New River under a new, streamlined name, menu and remodel: Val+ tino. When it opens sometime in December, the 3,500-square-foot eatery will be… Read More »

Which is better for your heart health?

Share on PinterestA new study examined how a vegan diet can help your health. Claudia Burlotti/Getty Images A new report found that those who ate a healthy vegan diet had better health indicators than those who ate an omnivore diet. Researchers recruited 22 pairs of twins who were randomly assigned to eat either an omnivore… Read More »

A bad or normal side effect?

niacin A hot flash may occur after taking large additional doses of niacin (vitamin B3). This vitamin is often used to treat high cholesterol. The warm, itchy and red skin is unpleasant but not dangerous. This article describes the symptoms of niacin flushing, the duration of symptoms, and tips for minimizing skin flushing. Alexandr Kolesnikov/Getty… Read More »

15+ Comforting Slow Cooker Dinner Recipes for December

While you’re picking out your fuzzy blankets and winter jackets for December, be sure to also break out the slow cooker to make these delicious dinner recipes. These soups, stews, and cozy classics feature seasonal vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and cabbage to amp up the flavor and help you stay warm all winter long. And… Read More »